Our Scope & Core Values

Core Values

Integrity: We practice the ethical, inclusive, and courageous behaviours that sustain an open and honest organizational culture.
Future Thinking: We are visionary and prepare for the future.
Respect: We value human worth, dignity, diverse talents, and varied perspectives.
Collaboration: We seek active partnerships and shared leadership opportunities at the state, national, and international levels.

Our Scope

Our scope for providing vocational education & training is to:
1. GALAXY TECHNO-based skill development including.
2. Learning initiatives of different trades/sectors skill development organised by
3. Formal and informal apprenticeships and other types of training enterprises.
4. Training for self employment/entrepreneurial development.
5. Adult learning, retraining of retired or retiring employees and lifelong learning
6. Non-formal training including training by civic society organisations.
7. E-learning, web-based learning and distance learning

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